TAGmedica is a leading ISO 13485:2016 certified provider of Outsourced, Custom Bio-Kitting Solutions in the life science industry. We have complete in-house services that include:
          • Kitting
          • Warehousing
          • Printing
          • Mailing
          • IT
          • Marketing
          • Graphic Design

  • Final Article Assembly and Kitting

    Final Article Assembly and Kitting

    Design - Produce - Procure - Assemble

    We assist with the development, production and distribution of both diagnostic and carrier screening kits for biologics companies to help with their commercialization efforts. Our process is clearly defined for every kit from handling of items to be received, kitted and/or assembled, packaged, and shipped. 




    Inventory - Manage - Measure - Distribute

    You could argue that a warehouse is just a warehouse. But would it be important to know if the warehouse your inventory is stored in utilizes a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS)? And would you agree that using a WMS would give you greater control over your inventory? If improving efficiency, ...



    Commercial - Digital - Promotional - Documents & Forms

    Are your print requirements more than just making sure something looks good on paper? In bringing a product to market are you required to produce documents to comply with industry regulations?

    With over 65 years of experience in commercial printing, The Allied Group, our parent company, is eq...



    Data - Image - Affix - Distribute

    Are you challenged by getting your bills, invoices etc. out the door on time to ensure timely cash flow? Is it hard to keep up with ever-changing postal regulations to take advantage of potential discounts? Are your direct response marketing efforts not yielding enough leads?

    Operationally, we produce over 20,000...

  • Rapid Growth & Commercialization

    Rapid Growth & Commercialization

    Custom Bio-Kitting & Core Outsourcing for Fast-Growing Companies

    Are your internal resources struggling to keep up with mission-critical production requirements? Have you identified internal processes that are not core competencies that you are considering outsourcing?

  • Risk - Regulatory - Governance - Compliance

    Risk - Regulatory - Governance - Compliance

    Documented, Traceable & Regulated Outsourcing Protocols

    Are you concerned that your current production processes could lead to greater regulatory and compliance implications? More importantly, do you fear that you are becoming more susceptible to less desirable outcomes and greater risk?

  • Vendor Performance & Consolidation

    Vendor Performance & Consolidation

    Measurable End-to-End, Streamlined Outsourcing

    Are you under increased pressure to document, measure and establish a legitimate ROI from your vendor partners? Is it becoming more important to eliminate redundancies and mitigate risk in a highly-regulated space by consolidating vendor partners?

  • Welcome Video

    Welcome Video

  • Kitting and Fulfilment Video

    Kitting and Fulfilment Video

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It's about where we live. We are professionally and personally proud to be considered vibrant partners. When clients hire TAGmedica to assemble or distribute a product, they entrust us with an important part of their business. We take that responsibility very seriously. Our philosophy is one of open accountability to our clients, our shareholders and our business partners. Our executive management team holds ultimate accountability for the success of our clients and our business.

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