Documented, Traceable & Regulated Outsourcing Protocols

Are you concerned that your current production processes could lead to greater regulatory and compliance implications? More importantly, do you fear that you are becoming more susceptible to less desirable outcomes and greater risk?


With an industry that is experiencing unprecedented growth in regulations, perhaps no greater concern is that of "dropping the ball" and incurring risk in the distribution of mission-critical kits and materials. We know that lack of quality and responsiveness can result in missed revenue, recalls, and other significant business problems. We've earned multiple ISO certifications and provide date and lot control of outbound kits. Our clients appreciate the processes that we have constructed to keep up with the ever-changing industry and market conditions ensuring only the highest quality in warehousing, inspection, kitting, distribution and tracking methods. TAGmedica serves as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to our clients because of our commitment to quality processes that reduce risk and enhance program performance.

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