TAGmedica specializes in Custom Bio-Kitting, Warehousing and Fulfillment, Printing services including commercial, digital, documents and forms, as well as Mailing services. As New Englands leading provider, TAGmedica operates under ISO 13485:2016 certification ensuring accuracy, reliability and quality.

Bio Kitting

Design - Produce - Procure - Assemble

We assist with the development, production and distribution of both diagnostic and carrier screening kits for biologics companies to help with their commercialization efforts. Our process is clearly defined for every kit from handling of items to be received, kitted and/or assembled, packaged, and shipped. 

We have perfected the art of final article assembly!

Are your kits more than just a delivery mechanism? Is it important that the contents are assembled and packed under ISO 13485:2016 standards? What we do know is that the first major exposure to risk is when your customer actually receives your product for the first time—It must be accurate, safe, complete and on time

 Designing, procuring, picking & packing and assembling—by incorporating state of the art technology with a team of dedicated experts, we know how to get any product to market faster and more accurately than anyone else in the industry. Our assembly team is 99% accurate and has been able to reduce turn times along with reducing assembly operations. Whether products are a simple kit or a complex mix of options, we can assemble, pick, pack and ship just about anything.

Inventory - Manage - Measure - Distribute

You could argue that a warehouse is just a warehouse. But would it be important to know if the warehouse your inventory is stored in utilizes a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS)? And would you agree that using a WMS would give you greater control over your inventory? If improving efficiency, accuracy, traceability, management and reducing obsolescence could contribute to mitigating risk and improving compliance, would it be a benefit?

Manufacturers of all shapes and sizes and across a variety of industries often struggle with space constraints and distribution difficulties. We provide sophisticated warehousing and distribution services, including a WMS, as well as date and lot control capability to help our customers more efficiently and effectively maintain and manage inventory. Additionally, our services free up valuable resources, streamline distribution, increase speed to end-users as well as provide a documented process for greater visibility into stock statuses and inventory levels for better performance.

Commercial - Digital - Promotional - Documents & Forms

Are your print requirements more than just making sure something looks good on paper? In bringing a product to market are you required to produce documents to comply with industry regulations?

With over 65 years of experience in commercial printing, The Allied Group, our parent company, is equipped to handle the complexity of any print program. From large-run, full-color marketing and promotional collateral that certainly looks stunning on paper, to short-run, digital demand including the latest VDP technology with a robust front end. Additionally, having started in the Business Forms industry in 1946, we're the premiere document management company in New England - so we're uniquely suited to produce product compliance and regulatory documents critical to your business process.

Services include: Commercial Printing, Digital Printing (including Variable Data Printing), Printed Business Documents, Promotional Products, Newsletters and Stationery, Plastic Cards and Large Format Printing.

Mailing Services

Data - Image - Affix - Distribute

Are you challenged by getting your bills, invoices etc. out the door on time to ensure timely cash flow? Is it hard to keep up with ever-changing postal regulations to take advantage of potential discounts? Are your direct response marketing efforts not yielding enough leads?

Operationally, we produce over 20,000,000 pieces of mail per year for our clients. We provide the most accurate processing along with the deepest discounts for your outbound mail possible. Statements, invoices and benefit information are just some of the business communication requirements that many clients entrust us with to deliver for them on a daily basis.

Additionally, in conjunction with our marketing and design team, we are experienced in all forms of direct response marketing. From #10 letter packs to postcards to dimensional mailers, we have documented success in helping our clients generate more leads. Enhancing efforts to include a multi-channel solution, including social, mobile and digital communication often drives even greater results.


TAGmedica Blog

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