Insights for FDA Regulated and HIPAA Compliant Organizations

The Starting Line for Supply Chain Solutions Starts with TAGmedica


At TAGmedica, you'll find the solutions you need to solve tough FDA regulated supply chain challenges that exceed customer demands and help companies gain a competitive edge.

At TAGmedica, our most successful partnerships are those with rapidly growing, biologic companies that have outgrown the ability to warehouse, assemble and distribute diagnostic kits on their own.

Increased compliance and regulatory protocols require partnering with a vendor who can document, trace and manage outsourcing processes under ISO 13485:2003 certification.

Growth rates for FDA regulated industry manufacturing have been high. The entrance of numerous small, virtual startups into the market that have no manufacturing capacity is a prime reason.

The only goal at TAGMedica is to use our expertise and experience to help you execute your business plans and assist our partners with successful commercialization and product launch. A recent study from The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), reports that virtual startups that are outpacing the industry in terms of growth, and will need to build better end to end supply chains.

This is where TAGmedica can provide a high level of quality management experience. As an ISO 13485 compliant supply chain organization, we can demonstrate our ability to provide supply chain services that consistently exceed customer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.


TAGmedica is playing an increasing and important role in providing manufacturers Outsourced Bio-Kitting Solutions. We have complete in-house services that include:
• Kitting
• Warehousing
• Printing
• Mailing
• IT
• Marketing
• Graphic Design

The ability to deliver high-quality, flexible production is driving businesses to TAGmedica. Operational competence and technical acumen are essential and fundamental to your success. Companies like Natera, Foundation Medicine, and PerkinElmer value TAGmedica's competencies, and have been fueling the company's growth.

Developing deeper relationships with customers is at the core of TAGmedica's philosophy for simplifying their customer's supply chain and helping them achieve better outcomes.

TAGmedica's operational competence and technical acumen are essential to their customer's success as well as helping to improve accuracy, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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