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Never Quit! Unless You Should...


"Winners never quit and quitters never win."  ~Vince Lombardi


Far be it from me to disagree with the great Vince Lombardi, and millions of other people who have ascribed to this philosophy.

And to be fair, I'm sure that I've uttered the phrase above or something similar to my kids I'd say only a few thousand times over the last 20 plus years of parenting.

But the funny thing about sticking with something when you are either not supposed to be doing it, or at the very least doing it somewhere that you don't like is well… just plain dumb.

My middle daughter, a great hustler working three jobs while trying to land something full time where she can utilize her graphic design degree, announced to me last night she was quitting one of her 2 nighttime retail jobs.  She'd been at it for over 6 months and did not care for either the place or the other people who worked there.  Without even wondering how she'd continue to make her car payments, I blurted out, "Good for you!"  The look of relief on her face assured me that I'd given her the correct response.

My youngest daughter made an attempt at cheerleading.  Did not care for it at all for a multitude of reasons.  She stuck it out for some time until finally saying to me that she "wanted to play the game and not cheer for someone else."  "Good choice!" I said to her as well.

If you were raised by Depression Era parents like I was, the advice may not easily roll off your tongue.  Some of us were taught to tough it out, make the best of it, and above all, don't be a whiner!

If you,

Are stuck in a dead end job,

Realize that you're in the wrong profession,

Are in a toxic or abusive relationship,

Have too many obligations that don't allow you to chase your real goals,

I've got a word for you – QUIT!

Stop doing the things that don't add value to your life and do nothing to enhance the lives of those you care for.  Reevaluate, re-strategize and redo your job, career or life, if necessary.

There is a huge difference between giving up and realizing that you're on the wrong path.

Quit if you need to, if it is the right thing to do, and if it helps move you forward.

What do you think?

Brian Butler is the VP Business Development of The Allied Group and TAGmedica. He is also the author of two books: Find 'Em Get 'Em Keep 'Em and the recently released In Search Of...Customers!

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