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Does your 3 PL provider understand your business? Do they take the time to comprehend your logistic supply chain management strategy? Do they understand what you are trying to accomplish and recognize what is important to you? What is their supply chain management strategy does it fit with yours? Have they built metrics around those key aspects of your business? Do they understand the quality and regulatory needs of you business? Do they act like a key consultant?  


During the selection process for 3PL providers it is important to ensure that the vendors you are considering understand the quality, regulatory and logistic supply chain management goals of the project. You want a vendor that understands your needs and can respond to them.  You will want a vendor that asks for frequent, open and straightforward communications.  


During this process you need to assess the 3PL providers ability to understand and respond. Do the potential 3PL providers have the ability to anticipate and respond to your needs? Do they have the ability to manage and address issues that arise? You are looking for a provider that can offer suggestions for improvements to your logistic supply chain management strategy to ensure that you are as efficient and you can be.

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